nwadadnama I…can’t…breathe…

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First day in school today.. Just had to snap this pic before I left home. I’m so excited 😆😆😆 paralegal education.. This is going to be awesome!

Go annamariaesergren Go!!!!!! Have a GREAT first day! Everyone wish annamariaesergren luck!!

You look gorgeous darling! Have a great day sweetie!




A UFO caught on tape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

get out

tape me to your leader 

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Something is coming…


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Anonymous said: Why did you delete your blog?


Because I wanted to leave Tumblr, forever and ever, Amen.

A Tumblr-relationship that meant the world to me brokedown causing my heart to break, and I was also receiving some ridiculous Anon hate. Blogging wasn’t fun anymore. When I’m sad and hurt I tend to overreact, so I deleted my old blog. It did end up feeling good in the moment - very cathartic.

However, then I realized that there were several people on here that meant the world to me, and I was a fool to leave them.

First and foremost, my amazing wife best friend isthatabutterfly, and my sweet mistress friend cumbercheekstoner who have been with me from the very start. They never judge me, they let me act a fool, they do nothing but support me, they love me for who I am, they put up with my nonsense, they help me when I’m losing it, and I love them. Dearly.

It’s still a little weird being here. I don’t feel like I’ve gotten back into the swing of things yet, but I’m trying. Part of me feels embarrassed for over-reacting, but it is who I am.

I let go of 500+ followers, and there are a lot of posts I wish I had’ve copied before saying goodbye to shh-carrie-is-dreaming. That stings. Oh well. Onwards and upwards!

Sorry for the essay length response, but I want people to know I am not a drama queen, just a fool :)

Tagging the following people because you are a big part of the reason I came back, and I love you all very much!

elfpunk zorped ehehehiddles laterovaries insanely-smart phedrebelle harpo7879 hush-hush-hiddlestoners lokisacolyte bencumhiddleswho clairelouiseisawesome angelica-aswald insatiablebookgeek eve1978 cumbermelikecrazy theoria850 kgm42986 so-easy-to-love-me october-green ohhiddles-myhiddles larouau12 annamariaesergren lokis-ice-queen tarrysmith cherrie-mandarin but-glorieux duckland pammerjo smittentomkitten sherekahnsgirl angreav clojury izhunny allthatandasideoftom mypreciousmind1 kissimmmeme annedeadly antyc67 roxanestark winchester87 sherlockandlokihavetheimpala triplefuckingnope greengirl888 tomsdangerousvagina 

I love you sweetie and I’m glad you are here.

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This pic?!! I get all sorts of naughty and sinister urges from it!! He looks so wild and dangerous!! Like he wants to pounce on you and do all sorts of bad things to and with you!! Double Rawrrrr and Unfff!!! Panties *poof*

Ok, back to this pic. Someone needs to write a fanfic about this!! laterovaries lokifuckyeah neither-blue-nor-green sweethiddleslaugh britishmenaredestroyingmylife angelica-aswald winchester87 Anyone?!! I must know what caused this wild hungry animal look and what was done to satisfy it!!! If anyone does, PLEASE tag me!!! I will be eternally grateful!!!!

Fuck me!

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